A cable solution tailored to the needs of DIY and hardware shops and chain stores.

We know that DIY and hardware chain stores have issues that are key for them, such as high levels of product quality and impeccable presentation, together with simplicity in the placing of orders, flexibility of arrangements, rapid stock replenishment and immediate availability when unforeseen circumstances arise.

The cables are supplied in a variety of formats and sizes, depending on the requirements of each business.

Our cables meet the most demanding international quality standards.

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SERVICE is our objective.

Immediate availability and impeccable presentation of a wide range of electrical cables in stock.

Bricable provides a personalised solution which can be tailored to the exact requirements of your hardware store or DIY shop.

Production, packaging and integrated logistics for DIY and hardware.

Bricable has the highest quality machinery and human resources for the manufacture of electrical cables, meeting the most rigorous quality controls. Packaging and logistics are fully integrated throughout the process, making Bricable a professional, flexible and dynamic organisation.

Manufacture in Spain.

All our production meets the most demanding international quality standards.

Part of the Top Cable group

30 years of experience manufacturing cables / Customers worldwide / 4 factories in Spain

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